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Daniel Hidalgo
2022-02-22 16:09:23

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You may be wondering in Horizon Forbidden West how to beat a Grimhorn, that's why we put together this article to help you eliminate it.

What is a Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is an enemy that you will find at the end of The Dying Lands, after reaching the Repair Bay Core of Repair Bay: Tau, where the Repair Core is protected by a Grimhorn that you must eliminate. That is why next we will tell you how to beat a Grimhorn

How to beat a Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West?

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This enemy has a strong vulnerability to acid, so you can check the chests around the Core for acid traps that you can place in the room. Likewise, the acid arrows will be very useful, while the acid corrodes the armor of this enemy, so you will have more opportunity to attack his weak points.

Purgewater is also good against a Grimhorn, as it will block their fire attacks, giving you a chance to set up more traps and attack.

Look for an opportunity to take the cluster launch weapons from him and use them against him. But still stay a bit away so you have more chance to dodge his attacks, as well as being wise to attack from a distance due to Grimhorn's size.

 That's all you need to know about how to beat a Grimhorn in Horizon Forbidden West, so now that we're done with this article you'll be more than ready to take on this battle with no problem.

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