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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-21 01:12:46

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has many things to do and in this sense, it is vital to know how to shoot the connectors of the shuttle cable.

What is the point of shooting the shuttle cable connectors in Horizon Forbidden West?

This game offers us some particular afternoons and knowing how to shoot the shuttle cable connectors is essential because it allows a shuttle to fall on some enemy robots that may be unsuspecting, it is our task to climb the tower to perform the respective launch and to give you exact details of how to do it we are here.

How to shoot shuttle cable connectors in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is necessary to do it this way:

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Firstly, go up to the launch tower: this is the first activity to do, in this sense, we must take into account that after having released the clamps of the shuttle, we are allowed to see that an elevator falls in front of us and this makes it necessary to run to the place, once we arrive we will have to use the Pullcaster on a piece of rubble that is on the right and lower it a bit, and then jump on top of the elevator and enter through a fairly small hole in the roof of the elevator, then we must go up to get to a platform, once we are there it is vital to jump to a small hole in order to climb through some stairs, here Aloy usually says that she needs to approach the shuttle to disconnect the cables-

Choose to shoot the first shuttle cable connector: we manage to get to the top, but it is not enough, to know how to shoot the shuttle cable connectors it is necessary to continue climbing until we reach the cable connector and place ourselves close, so that we be allowed to observe a bright yellow point at which it is necessary to shoot and for this we must use the bow.

Shoot the second cable connector: we follow the route in Horizon Forbidden West and it is relevant to reach the second cable connector, this implies continuing to walk up and proceed to turn a metal ladder, then we must jump through a gap in order to To get to the handles of the tall pillar, it is important to consider that when jumping we press X and press X again so that Aloy can approach the pillar, then we move up to turn off the rest of the handles and continue climbing through the pillar and then proceed to move to the left, this is usually done through some yellow bars to finally get to fall to a new platform, then we jump through some metal structures and proceed to climb a short ladder in order to reach the cable to drop the launcher on the enemies that are usually in the form of a snake.

 This is everything you need to know about how to shoot the shuttle cable connectors, so just follow the instructions given here and thus eliminate the robot enemies in Horizon Forbidden West.

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