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2022-02-24 20:40:15

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With our Horizon Forbidden West guide you will learn more about how to fix error CE-107891-6.

What to know about bug CE-107891-6 in Horizon Forbidden West?

It is a problem that comes to prevent us from entering the game and enjoying everything that it offers us, certainly it should be noted that it is not a problem that is exclusive to this game, which is why this error appears from the launch of the PS5, the message that is received says that the game or the application cannot be started, now if we seek to be aware of how to solve the error CE-107891-6, it is appropriate that we take into account the details that are going to be presented in this guide below.

How to fix error CE-107891-6 in Horizon Forbidden West?

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The only thing we can do if we find ourselves going through this in Horizon Forbidden West is to uninstall the game to install it again, with the obligation to install on an internal hard drive and not an external one, as for how to fix error CE- 107891-6 this solution solves it, which will allow us to enjoy everything that this wide world of grass and the impressive landscape that this new installment shows us has to offer.

Now if we don't get to solve it with the recommended solution, we will only have to contact PlayStation support to receive more support to solve this error, because in reality this is more related to the console than to the game itself, everything seems to indicate that the problem is that the copy to an external hard drive is not done correctly, then the option presented above for the solution is to reinstall the game on the internal hard drive.

 Now that we have answers as to how to fix CE-107891-6 error, it only remains to apply them to seek a return to normal gameplay in Horizon Forbidden West.

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