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In the next Horizon Forbidden West article we'll show you how to clear the Rebel Outpost in Jagged Deep, so stay tuned.

What is the rebel outpost at Jagged Deep in Horizon Forbidden West?

This is one of many outposts the rebels have set up in the Forbidden West, so you'll need to clear each one to free them.

How to clear the rebel outpost in Jagged Deep in Horizon Forbidden West?

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When you approach this post you can find several rebels on the chargers patrolling the path in front of the entrance, you will have to make sure to eliminate them quietly so as not to alert the others. Hardly any of the rebels in this outpost will be wearing a mask, so you can easily take them out with an arrow to the head. In fact, if you manage to remove the leader's mask and shoot him in the head you will also finish him off.

The outpost has rebels that dominate the camp, so you will have to eliminate them in order to finish off the others.

Eliminating the leader will drop a key, with which you can access a chest in the main structure of the camp. This chest contains various rewards for efforts, which will clear the outpost.

 That's all you need to know about how to clear the rebel outpost in Jagged Deep in Horizon Forbidden West so now that you have everything you need, we hope we've been very helpful so you can free this outpost without a problem.

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