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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-21 00:52:05

More about: Lost Ark

Lost Ark offers us another interesting quest which allows you to find where to find all the Mokoko seeds in Mount Zagoras.

What are Zagoras seeds in Lost Ark?

These are nothing more than a kind of important resources that are usually exchanged for rewards, they are a type of highly valuable objects, so knowing where to find all the Mokoko seeds in Mount Zagoras leads us to the possibility of doing some explorations, this in the middle of the normal tasks of defeating the monsters that are usually everywhere.

Where to find all the Mokoko seeds in Mount Zagoras in Lost Ark?

This is a crucial search that we must carry out and for this we must find them in this way:
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  • Search the bushes that are usually near the something bar tab on the left side of the map.
  • Another Mokoko Seed is usually found after going through the Training Ground.


 We continue the search for the seeds and reach a point where we can locate 3 seeds after having broken a barrier, this usually takes us to the bottom left, but avoiding the area that connects with Yudia.


  •  Near where we got the three previous seeds, there is the possibility of finding another Mokoko seed, it will only be enough to approach the east side where the coughing soldiers are.
  • To continue the search and find another seed, it is vital to take a look north of the watchtower, we only have to take care of exploring a little.
  • The next seed leads us to explore inside the tall pines and this usually happens on the right side of the map.
  • The task to find seeds continues and we get another one against the broken wall in the Eastern Ruins.
  • There is an opportunity to find 3 Mokoko seeds, we just have to download the part in the Northern Outpost.
  • There are 3 seeds that can be obtained by breaking the barrier in the southeast of the map.


 Now that you know where to find all the Mokoko seeds in Mount Zagoras you can launch yourself on this quest for these valuable resources in Lost Ark, give it a try.

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