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2022-01-28 06:45:55

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Hidden Deep has interesting tasks and this allows you to explain How to enter a vent.

What does entering a vent entail in Hidden Deep?

This is one of the tasks that we come across in this game that allows us to move through some ventilations, the detail is that they are usually a bit deep and can intimidate us a bit at first, however, today we tell you what you should do to make it.

How to get into a vent in Hidden Deep?

We must take a hook from the ceiling to climb the vent, when we reach it we must be able to swing forwards and backwards, this is usually done with A and D, before reaching the vent we must press the space bar and hold down A and D to grab onto the ledge , we will see that our soldier crawled into the ventilation shaft and that's it.

Releasing the rope when we hit the wall could be done, however, it is not the most ideal because we can bounce and this can cause us to be pushed extremely far from the vent to grab it, this can lead to death, in this sense, it is makes it necessary to let go before hitting something, this is a task that requires patience and practice.

  Now that you know how to enter a vent, you can apply it and thereby enter these places in search of more action in Hidden Deep.

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