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2022-01-28 06:49:47

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The action in Don't Starve does not stop, which leads us to tell you how to transform Chester.

What to know about Chester in Don't Starve?

It is a mob that will be very useful when following us, which serves in the form of a mobile inventory that has a group of additional slots, it is not for combat, it is passive and in case it is attacked it does nothing, we can invoke it in situations that are required, such as being in the eye bone of the map, the one that we must pick up so that this mob follows us, if we place it on the ground it will be possible next to it, in case of its death we will see that it will fall everything it has stored, then it can appear again after a game day and it will be with us as long as we have the eye bone, now it is very opportune to know how to transform Chester and for this let's closely follow the details below.

How to transform Chester into Don't Starve?

 We have to focus on a couple of transformations that Chester will be able to go through in Don't Starve, these being the following:

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In the shadow: with this transformation we will be adding 3 more slots for the inventory, placing a total space in 12, but the food that it stores will be damaged faster by 50 percent, to achieve in terms of How to transform Chester into shadow we have get 9 Nightmare fuel by fighting the shadow creatures that drop it, be on the full moon which occurs every 16 game days, occupy 9 Chester slots with one Nightmare fuel for each slot for consumption during transformation and with this you reach 12 slots.

In the snow: to be transformed we have to play the role of a refrigerator with 8 slots, which will allow the food to last twice as long while it is inside Chester, it turns out to be a kind of ice box mobile, for To get it, you have to collect 9 blue gems, which are released by the blue hounds in the winter or by digging them out of the tombs, the full moon is necessary, you have to fill 9 slots with a blue gem for each of them for consumption during the transformation and with this we will have the portable box in Chester.


It is evident that knowing how to transform Chester allows us to have more fun and progress in Don't Starve.

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