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Angel Marquez
2022-01-28 13:59:20

More about: Don't Starve

In the universe of Don't Starve we have many tasks, one of them is How to get more butter.

What to know about butter in Don't Starve?

  When we kill a butterfly we have a 2 percent chance for this strange object to fall, it means that it is quite complex to obtain it, considering that the appearance of the butterfly turns out to be in some specific biomes, these butterflies are passive mob that are by the flowers of the grassland biomes during the day, while at night it returns to a flower and they disappear, it is certainly difficult to kill them because they are a passive mob, they are innocent creatures that try to avoid us by escaping, but it is the only option that allows us to solve How to get more butter and for the details let's follow the following content.

How to get more butter in Don't Starve?

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It should be noted how valuable this object becomes, because in Don't Starve it lasts 40 days to be damaged, being one of the longest lasting, it is a dairy product that is used to make waffles, even through the castaway DLC we can use it in the lobster dinner and in a special recipe for fresh fruit pancakes, certainly the butterflies do not get caught easily, being in the grassland biomes in the day, we will not see them in the caves even in the winter, It is ideal that we take flowers close to our base because the butterflies may appear, as for How to get more butter, we are presented with a couple of options to find them and they are the following:


  •  In nature: we have to focus on the zigzags to catch them head-on, as soon as they stop at the flower or somewhere on the ground we will attack, considering that it has 1 HP we can kill them with a simple blow, while if we have a ranged weapon you do not have to wait for it to flutter, but it is an expensive option to finish them.
  • In the butterfly farm: in this case, an insect net is required that will allow us to catch the butterflies, then we are going to plant them like the flowers, which allows them to reproduce to kill them when we want to add the butter that we want in any moment, being something that would increase our chances of success.

 In this way we finish our Don't Starve guide now you know how to get more butter, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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