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We invite you to discover How to use elemental fusions one of the many tasks that exist in Gunfire Reborn.

What to know about elemental fusions in Gunfire Reborn?

  It is a mechanism that exists in the game, which allows the mixing of 2 classes of elemental damage that help to cause very special effects, if we want to understand now How to use elemental fusions, our focus should be in this guide and its content , so it is necessary to pay adequate attention to it, let's see what it tells us about it.
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How to use elemental fusions in Gunfire Reborn?

 In the game we have 3 elemental fusions available, which are the following:

 Miasma, Shock Decay: by combining shock and decomposition, we obtain the Miasma EF, which allows the amount of incredible Dot, this is of great strength against our enemies who have a red bar, only it will have deficiencies at the time of that we face them if they have shields or armor.

Explosion, Burn Decadence: the combination of deterioration with damage results in the creation of an EF Explosion, it is a massive one capable of causing great damage to all enemies that are in the range of the explosion, but compared to the Miasma we have that this leaves aside the shields and armor of our enemies and will cause them the same damage, against the bosses their use can be very prominent and more so that in an area it is cleared of those that are added.

Manipulation, Shock Burn: this is done by combining the shock with the burn, it is possible with this to manipulate the enemies so that they attack each other, which is very useful for the areas to clear them when there are many enemies in it, an example of the use of these elemental fusions is with Aoi Bai, with whom the possible the handling of 2 weapons and we can do any, while the crown prince only has in his team grenade that allow to make the decline and combine it with the weapons of any elements .

 It is evident that knowing how to use elemental fusions allows us to have more fun in Gunfire Reborn.

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