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The action in Valorant does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to unlock everything.

What should we know about Valorant?

Throughout Valorant finding things becomes somewhat cumbersome, but the unlocking of the characters, the EXP system and access to the battle pass, is something that is not clear at the moment we are playing, for this reason in In this guide we will have the precise details in answers to How to unlock everything, let's pay due attention to the content that will be presented below.
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    How to unlock everything in Valorant?

     To understand how to unlock everything we start with the EXP system, which in reality simply what we have to do is play and we will win EXP, the daily challenges must be completed, these are presented on the screen on the upper left, thus achieving a considerable amount of EXP, which will be received for our battle pass and present contract, at the beginning we noticed that there are 10 levels in the introductory contract, where a new character will also be unlocked in levels 5 and 10, the purchase of Premium progression of the first act we will do it by clicking on the one to the right of the 3 circles and then going through the bottom of our screen to the right is a box indicating 1000 value points, we will click here and we will give our 1000 monopoly dollars, so we will have unlocked what this represents, it is a battle pass so to speak that brings a series of Couture, Kingdom and Dot Exe skins, if This is a great business if we compare the cost that most skins can have at Valorant.

    Now in case our intention is a level jump, we are going to click in the same way where we buy the Premium theme, the cost of the levels is 300 value points for each of them, being a total of 16000 if we want completely skip the step of the battle, being 150 dollars, something that has no logic in terms of How to unlock everything, the moment we have bought the pass, it is important to unlock a couple of characters for free, something that will consume us For a long time we will certainly go to our old introductory contract, the one in the middle circle, here we have the option to individually choose the contract for the agent.


     Access to cosmetics is possible by having an agent contract, having a cost for level 1 of 20,000 EXP, so 2 out of 3 missions in Valorant per week are the equivalent, meaning that reaching level 5 will be a complicated task, what will give us access to the agent for which so much effort, in such a case another way is to give 10 dollars of coins in the Nintendo eShop and we will receive the character and also half of the cosmetics, in the case of the other 5 levels it is necessary that we do it ourselves, through the collection it is possible that we make the change of our contracts for another character, what we will do is enter the tab that says agents and we activate the contract for it.

    The skins of the main weapons also enter the responses to How to unlock everything, taking into account that the cost to do it is for 60 dollars, they bring with them their own progression system, in turn entering another necessary currency, it is the radianite, with it we will unlock the VFX, reload animations, kill animations and the combination of those alternative colors, radianite is obtained when completing some specific levels of the battle pass or can also be obtained by buying with the value points , being these thousands the necessary ones, being a bad business in the end, the levels of weapons in their majority present a cost of 10 to 20 points, playing through the battle pass is the only requirement, thus obtaining the radio -ite.

     These are all there is to know about How to unlock everything, hoping that it will be very useful and achieve success in Valorant.

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