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Gunfire Reborn: How to enter Vaults - Tips and tricks

2020-06-08 09:12:50

Guide to learn how to enter Vaults in Gunfire Reborn

  This well-known shooting game has a system of passageways, vaults and endless details that we will tell in another section, but in this case we will focus on the vaults. If you have been playing for a while you will notice that there are some bright purple cracks in the wall, plus there are potential portals that can lead to vaults. When you try to interact with them, you will be told that you need a skill to use them.

The ability in question can only be unlocked outside of an active race, and you will need a resource called Soul Essence to do it, that among other things that you will need to be able to enter through one of them and that we will explain in detail.
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How to enter Vaults in Gunfire Reborn?

As mentioned before, the essence of the soul falls from the enemies, and can be used during a race to revive you if you die. It is also used to unlock Talents for your character, so be sure to leave something free at the end of each race to buy more Talents.

When you have finished any of your careers, you should keep in mind that you will need to unlock the first "Exploration" skill in order to use the Vaults. Now, on your next race, you'll be able to interact with the cracks to open the portal, and then use it to drop it into a side dungeon.

You don't have to worry much about your level since it will stay the same as well as when you go out, you will be placed in the original vault portal, so you must take advantage and fight as much as you can to find the chest and return.

There will be occasions where the wall must be damaged to fully expose the Portal of the Vault and in these cases explosives of any kind are the best option for this.

The chests can offer you a lot of useful objects to increase your power or abilities among other things.

 The How to enter Vaults in Gunfire Reborn is not very difficult, but you must be alert with the enemies that appear inside it to prevent you from obtaining the chest, even so the reward you will receive from them will be great.

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