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2020-07-31 13:33:41

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Grounded simply brings us interesting occupations, let's see how to get mushroom garden

What are mushroom garden in Grounded?

Our journey through this game is not only focused on the bugs because there are other elements that you need to be aware of, this simply implies understanding that they are mushrooms and that these are nothing more than food, we must eat regularly, but this It does not mean that it is an easy task, because normally we will have to fight with some bugs and this can be a bit exhausting, however it is not too difficult.
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How to get mushroom garden in Grounded?

Our work begins by making a garden and this implies having to get some interesting elements, locating the area where we will do it is an important task, apart from that it is necessary to get some elements and they are the following:


 8 woven fibers: These fibers are simply handicrafts that are usually available in abundance almost anywhere.

 6 stalks of grass: although in this game we are presented with the possibility of obtaining many plants, it is important to understand that these stems can be somewhat complex to obtain, our task begins by looking for a dandelion plant, it is only necessary to cut them and take them with us .

 1 acorn tip: this can be obtained at the base of the oak, to obtain it it is necessary to use the hammer.

 1 rotten meat: We can get insect meat and drop it in our inventory for a whole day, this will start to damage, then we go to the camp with the ingredients and place them in the garden space.

 This is all we know about how to get mushroom garden because although it is not the best food, it simply turns out to be very useful in Grounded

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