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2020-08-03 08:44:09

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The chance to enjoy BitLife is definitely fantastic and that's why we are going to tell you how to complete the Rock Star challenge

  At BitLife we have the possibility of making our character become a rock star, fantastic, right? Now, this is simply part of a challenge, since it probably takes us some time to execute it, but it is also entertaining, since which is an adventure well worth exploring.

How to complete the Rock Star challenge in BitLife?

To complete this challenge it is important to be clear that it is necessary to carry out 4 particular activities and they are as follows:
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  • Becoming pop stars: One of the most important activities or the one we started with is the possibility of being famous who does not like the idea of ​​being recognized, well this is a task that requires hard work because we will start by applying for the profession as Supporting vocalist, this is where we will start working hard to receive the necessary promotion and thereby achieve the goal of being famous.
  • Sleep with 100 lovers: Now that we are a pop star it is necessary to work hard to know how to complete the Rock Star challenge as this involves sleeping with 100 people, so we will use fame to have an overnight adventure in BitLife and We can do this promptly to achieve new goals.
  • Appearing naked in a magazine: Now that we are famous this is not a major inconvenience, because it will only be enough to offer us for a photo session, this not only serves to advertise the label of the magazine but we can also maintain our fame in the top at BitLife.

 How to build a wealth of $ 100 million in BitLife?

This can only be done when we have completed the previous activities, as it is the last task in our work to know how to complete the Rock Star challenge, here we are presented with a series of activities that we can carry out and they are the following:


  •  Promote products on social media.
  • Looking for dates to sleep with them will increase the total value.
  • Avoid drugs.
  • Offer to write books.
  • Live long enough.
  • Buy houses and maintain them to increase their value.


 In one way or another they are not very complex activities and can be done at any time, the important thing here is to do them regularly, because we do not want to stop being recognized, since this is our main objective.

 Definitely knowing How to complete the Rock Star challenge is simply part of doing a very interesting task in BitLife and achieving the necessary recognition.

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