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2020-08-03 09:00:34

We invite you to discover how to dash yourself, a new task in Carrión.

What to know about dashing in Carrion?

It is a skill of great importance, with the quality it is possible to quickly have a certain amount of terrain, with it we get closer to the enemies that attack us, allowing us to choose an appropriate strategy and recover, even murder will also be a good option With brute force, this mechanism can be very useful to us, so it is necessary that you know how to spray yourself, and for this we have the content of this explanatory guide, let's see what it brings us.

How to dash on Carrion?

With this ability it is also possible to break wooden barriers, which gives us access to the roads that are blocked or that are secret to our progress, unlocking this ability is similar to the others, we only have to reach the percentage of progress in the game, we are going to be able to obtain it in half more or less of the medium level, when obtaining it with the action button the E on our PC we will be able to activate it, when we do it it will load and give us a great speed of When we let go, we must highlight the necessary health consumption and that is why we have to prepare for this movement.

It is evident that knowing how to dash allows us to have more progress and fun in Carrión.

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