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Apex Legends Ascension: Where to Find All Trident spawn on Olympus in Season 7

2020-10-29 13:12:36

This time we return with a Apex Legends Ascension guide, aiming to explain where to find all tridents spawned on Olympus.

What to know about the pitchforks in Apex Legends Ascension?

The appearance of the tridents occurs in 11 places, however such locations are still unknown, in the current season of this game We have that the tridents are auto sliders for 3 people, possibly we or our teammate drive it, in the new map the development of this is very natural, outside the arena is where they are scattered, now it is ideal that we know where to find all the tridents spawned on Olympus and the following content will help us in this regard.

Where to find all tridents spawned on Olympus in Apex Legends Ascension?

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    The main place to find the tridents is the orbital cannon, taking into account the existence of 3 specific locations in this place, considering that in the other cases each location has only one, we have that the other places where it appears are the Docks, Power grid, Crack, Gardens, Growth tower, Bonzai Square, Hydroponics and Elysium, it should be noted that the spawn places are on the edge of the sand, in the central locations that are 5 it is not possible to find any trident, being these Turbine, Estates, Solar Matrix, Hammond Laboratories and Energy Depot, northeast of Carrier and Oasis these do not appear, so we consider then the exterior locations as important for the appearance of the tridents.

    We can conclude that knowing where to find all tridents spawned on Olympus is now easier with these guidelines here regarding Apex Legends Ascension.

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