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Our journey through Ghost of Tsushima allows us to have extremely useful implements, let's see How to get Tayadori's armor

What does getting Tayadori armor involve in Ghost of Tsushima?

Normally an armor usually offers us some interesting benefits, but it is particularly often used to complete the collection of arcs in the game, since the idea of ​​this is to get it as a reward for completing a mythical tale and best of all, here we have a great variety of things. which is simply a favorable point, being precisely this the ideal occasion to get a new item for our collection.

How to get Tayadorien armor in Ghost of Tsushima ?

Knowing how to obtain the Tayadori armor allows us to access the mythical tale The legend of Tayadori this means that we must have already completed the first mythical tale called the Curse of Uchitsune, so we will have to embark on a journey that first involves talking to a Yamato and listening to the story of Tayadori, this occurs in the curve of the crunch, after having listened to him we continue our way north to head to Azamo where it will be necessary to locate an area with violet chrysanthemums, then we will proceed to climb the cliff and advance through of the flower path because our objective is to reach the top in Ghost of Tsushima, and there we will find a map with which we will guide ourselves to the rest area of ​​our objective.
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Definitely embarking on this search is an important and interesting task and with the map in our hands the task becomes less complicated, so we proceed to the location that is shown to us and is located north of Houren`s Pasture where specifically We got the entrance to Tayadory Rest, a hole that we access and we explored some tombstones that are here, once we finish we are presented with the opportunity to confront Kaede, a woman of whom it is necessary to be careful with the orange attack because it can cause us considerable damage.

Defeating Kaede is not very difficult in Ghost of Tsushima, it is only enough to protect us a little from their attacks, after this we have to go to the bay of Azamo where we will find a Yamato that has been captured by the Mongols, we proceed to defeat them because our The task is to talk to the Yamato who has information about the armor, since he claims that it is hidden under a statue, so here is a little research work to learn how to obtain Tayadori's armor.

We continue in our search and we are presented with a group of Mongols who tend to attack us but these are more harmful than the first, since they have some archers among their gang, this is good because we will see ourselves in the possibility of using our bow to finish with this group of enemies, who only by being defeated allow us to understand that we have finished the Legend of Tayadori in Ghost of Tsushima and with it the possibility of conserving the armor, especially considering that it has the ability to provide some interesting benefits.

Knowing how to obtain the Tayadori armor simply allows us to have:


  •  An increase in concentration of 1 second.
  • 15 percent increase in nocking and reload speed.
  • We have a 25 percent restoration of our concentration meter when doing Headshot

 In this sense, knowing how to get the Tayadori armor is essential to achieve some interesting benefits that allow us to develop with a little more tranquility in Ghost of Tsushima.

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