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Staying healthy is the best strategy in BitLife so it is good to know How to cure all Illnesses

What are the most common Illnesses in BitLife?

 So similar to real life there is the possibility of getting sick, so it is ideal to know how to cure all Illnesses, since obviously there is nothing more favorable than being healthy, especially since the probability of contracting some type of disease is simply quite high However, not everything is bad, because there are some cures that it will be necessary to know and that is precisely why we have come here.

 Illnesses require having a treatment that cures us and makes us feel good, these Illnesses that we can contract in BitLife are.


  •  Emotional Illnesses.
  • Some bacterial Illnesses.
  • Tickling Illnesses, that is, STDs.
  • There is the possibility of contracting strange Illnesses.
  • Viral Illnesses.
  • Poisoning.
  • Common cold.
  • Some physical ailments.
  • Mortal Illnesses.

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    What should we know about doctors at BitLife?

    As we play we get the option that we can get sick and that it is necessary to heal ourselves, but there are some interesting aspects that we can take into account and they are the following:

    • Until we reach 18 years of age it is necessary to go to the doctor with the parents.
    • There are alternative doctors but these do not always cure all illnesses but they serve to increase statistics and happiness, that is enough.
    • There are witch doctors who can only be visited when they are of legal age in BitLife, it is necessary to understand that these carry some risks that may lower the statistics, but this is not always the case.
    • There are ideal psychiatrists for emotional illnesses.
    • Knowing how to cure all Illnesses allows us to know the concern bar in the user profile.
    • The minimum age to visit the doctor is 4 years according to the most recent update, since it was previously 0.
    • According to the most recent update, the treatment is not free.
    • Some minor illnesses can be treated but not cured by the school nurse.

     How to cure all Illnesses in BitLife?

     Healing is our priority in BitLife even when it is not a very complex disease, because some diseases are usually just natural or just temporary, some diseases simply do not require us to go to the doctor, however, there are diseases that do indeed warrant knowing How to cure all Illnesses simply allows us to feel complete.

     It is possible to come across some diseases that can heal on their own over time. Meanwhile, other diseases in BitLife are somewhat stronger, to the point that there are complex diseases where we require more than one doctor to heal us or simply let a year pass and return, because by this date they can probably cure us, an example of this is A laryngitis, because it usually does not heal by itself and it is vital to seek help from more than one doctor, because simply knowing how to cure all Illnesses not only keeps us strong but also allows us to lead a quiet life.

     Most diseases usually have a cure, because particularly in the case of emotional Illnesses it is ideal to exercise, meditate and spend time with loved ones, since these diseases particularly appear when we suffer an emotional incident such as the death of a being Dear. For their part, drugs and alcohol are also common and complex diseases, curable in BitLife, which only require going to a rehabilitation center and being away from these substances, although it is true, they are a type of disease that can be avoided, They tend to fall into them a lot and that is where knowing how to cure all diseases comes in. Another particular disease is schizophrenia, it is a complex disease that preferably requires meditation, spending time with friends and family, as these can be an excellent help, in addition to having the possibility of reading a book.

     In this sense, knowing how to cure all Illnesses simply allows us to heal ourselves and continue with our normal lives and with hard work at BitLife.

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