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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-02 16:36:09

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Our Genshin Impact tour lets us tell you where to find Wangshu Inn

What is Wangshu Inn at Geshin Impact?

This is simply an area that is in this game and where we are offered the opportunity to get some interesting things and resources, because here there are some spaces of interest, such as the particular case of the Wangshu Inn.

Where to find Wangshu Inn in Genshin Impact?

This place is located in the second area of this game specifically in Liyue, in such a way that our job is to locate ourselves in the Dawn Winery southwest of Monsdtadt and move south through Stone Gate and from there move through stairs and walkways that allows us to access through the mountain to reach the statue of the seven located in the Dihua swamp, as it allows us to have the possibility of interacting with it and allows us to see the Wangshu inn.
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The inn is perhaps the largest structure that we can visualize in a long way since it is located on a rock in such a way that our job is to get there since this allows us to have the possibility of carrying out some explorations, especially because it is the place where we can get some missions of the region as well as a recipe that is hidden in the kitchen of the inn, in addition to some necessary activities that will allow us to have the opportunity to level up our characters.

In this sense, knowing where to find Wangshu Inn is simply a necessary and vitally important journey in Genshin Impact, do not stop doing it.

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