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We have made for you a Genshin Impact guide explaining where to find dandelion seeds

What are the dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact?

  These are another type of necessary resources in this game, it is vital to understand that we must harvest them since they are usually used in the elaboration of some crafts necessary to achieve the ascension of our characters, since these seeds as well as other resources mentioned above are vital elements .
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    Where to find dandelion seeds in Genshin Impact?

     Before going to the location where it is possible to find dandelion seeds, it is necessary to consider that these can be obtained from dandelion plants, these can be easy to detect in nature and this is because they are blue in color. brilliant, as soon as we observe them it is necessary to make use of a character of the Wind Element, there is no other option.

     To get the dandelion seeds it is necessary to go to the Monsdtadt region, or simply choose to explore since these can be found in nature, and take them to make Gushing essential oil together with the lizard's tail, as this favors us a damage increase buff of about 35 percent over 300 seconds.

     Another use that we can give to dandelion seeds is to make a Wind Barrier potion for which it is necessary to take a Crystal Core plus a dandelion seed, which allows us to achieve an increase in RES of around 35 percent. for all members for 300 seconds, so knowing where to find dandelion seeds is simply a necessary task.

     Definitely, knowing where to find dandelion seeds allows us to have some recipes for the ascension of our character in Genshin Impact.

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