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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-05 15:30:50

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Genshin Impact has come to occupy us a bit and this time we are going to tell you where the spiral abyss is, let's see.

What is the spiral abyss in Genshin Impact?

  This is nothing more than an event that has been incorporated into this game a very short time ago to give it a more interesting touch than it already is, some feel some confusion to get to this event, and have made ropes to get there due to the rewards that this usually offers, however it is necessary to indicate that it is located at the far end of the map, but so that you do not get lost we are going to tell you how you should do it.
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Where is the spiral abyss in Genshin Impact?

 It is necessary in the first instance to understand that it will be necessary to reach a place called Musky Reef, and this will be necessary to embark on a trip that will begin at Cape Juramento in the region of Walesong Hill, there we can see a blue sphere in the sky and This sphere is precisely the door to the Spiral Abyss, on the other hand it is necessary to have at least an Adventure Rank 20, so if you are not at this level yet, try to reach it as soon as possible to access said event since otherwise it simply will not be possible.

 Our job consists of placing ourselves exactly below the blue sphere, since at this moment it is necessary to notice that 3 spirits will spawn, however it is not necessary to focus on them, only to slide through the sphere using the wings to reach the Abyss Spiral which allows us to make a short but attractive trip that allows us to reach the Amizclero Reef and be able to observe a bright door in the shape of a circle which is necessary to access and in this way we reach the Abyss.

 This is all you need to do to know where the spiral abyss is, because it is only necessary to embark on an interesting trip in Genshin Impact and meet the necessary requirements in terms of Adventure Rank.

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