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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-22 16:12:36

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Genshin Impact is simply a fantastic adventure and this allows us to indicate where is the heart island

What is the heart island in Genshin Impact?

This is simply one of the places that it is necessary to get to in this game, only that it is hidden, in such a way that we are not shown on the map what could be thought to be a complex task, however, knowing where the island is of the heart is not difficult since the only thing we must have is the right elements to look for it.

Where is the heart island in Genshin Impact?

This is a task that allows us to have the possibility that each character usually makes use of a particular element, and this is because our team must contain a Cryo element character, since it is necessary to choose to make an ice bridge , which could perfectly place us to choose Kaeya in such a way that through her Frostgnaw ability and then proceed to mobilize us to our first spawning location which is the beach near Lake Starfell.
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As we move from the spawning point we will continue to use Frostgnaw's ability to access the island in such a way that we are allowed to freeze the water from the shore that we have stopped, until we reach the island since this is a place luxurious enough that it has some relevant elements such as:

  • The seeds of stories thrown by the wind.
  • Some chests unlocked.
  • An Anemoculus.

A luxurious heart chest that can only be unlocked by a friend that we must invite and that must have an adventure rank above 16.

In this sense, knowing where is the heart island allows us to find valuable rewards and thereby achieve another goal set in this adventure called Genshin Impact.

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