Lidia Rozo
2020-10-22 09:10:06

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Amnesia Rebirth has arrived and with it some things that need to be considered, it is the case of knowing how to reduce fear

Why is it necessary to reduce fear in Amnesia Rebirth?

This is simply one of the most necessary things we must do and this is because we are involved in a world where terror comes to life, in such a way that knowing how to reduce fear is usually essential, as this allows us to have the Strength and sanity necessary to be able to answer the puzzles that are present here and in the same way to give us the opportunity to explore.

It is necessary to consider giving the best use to the methods to reduce fear, since our goal is to get to the end without major inconvenience, in such a way that knowing how to reduce fear could allow us to play blind, because this usually not only involves a state of mind if not a control throughout our journey for Amnesia Rebirth.
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