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Knowing how to solve Starglow's cave puzzle is a necessary task to perform in Genshin Impact, let's see.

What is Starglow's Cavern puzzle in Genshin Impact?

This is another of the tasks with which we get in this game and that is immersed in version 1.2, this means that our work does not only consist of reaching the cavern, because knowing how to solve Starglow Cavern Puzzle simply It means doing some explorations because it is necessary to get a ring of runes that shine, which perfectly opens the way to see us involved in a mini-boss fight, where there are several things that are possible to get in addition to loot.
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    How to solve Starglow's cavern puzzle in Genshin Impact?

    It is necessary to consider that first we must locate the place where the cavern usually is and this is south of Skyfrost Nail and west of the stone table of the dragon column, now, our task leads us to take care of starting the four mechanisms of stone that are usually scattered around the area and these usually occur in this way:


    •  First mechanism: it is only necessary to glance outside the ring of the runes to see him.
    • Second Mechanism: This is usually achieved on the opposite side to the first in this Genshin Impact cavern on the edge of the cliff.
    • Third mechanism: this is usually wrapped in ice, so it is necessary to take charge of executing a Pyro attack in order to thaw the ice, this is usually done once we have managed to scale the ledge of the mountainside.
    • Fourth mechanism: we already have three mechanisms, but to know how to solve Starglow Cavern Puzzle it is necessary to have a total of 4, so that this specifically leads us to go to the opposite side of the ledge, taking advantage of this In order to get a deposit where there is scarlet quartz, it will only be important to take care of destroying the deposit and proceed to take the quartz because this red aura can envelop us, now, with the red aura in our power and fully active, the doors are opened to us to get execute attacks where it is possible to damage the magical ice, only that at this point it is important to consider two mounds of ice, but it is only the scarlet quartz that indicates us which will be necessary to destroy for our objective.

    Knowing how to solve Starglow Cavern Puzzle leads us to have started the 4 mechanisms and that this allows us to choose to take a look at a chest that usually appears near the ruin classifier, this is where it is necessary to hold an encounter with the mini boss and take care of destroying him because with this done we get 3 chests that are simply a type of reward in Genshin Impact, during this tour it is important to have the torches that are scattered, because the cold on these sides is imminent, it is also worth the It is worth noting that some players claim that there is an error after having started the third mechanism where we see that the Ruin Grader wakes up, causing the fourth mechanism to be inoperative, however, this does not happen to all, and in case of getting you with this it is necessary to wait a little because there is no solution.

     In this sense, knowing how to solve Starglow Cavern Puzzle allows us to take care of working a little and thus progress in this version 1.2 of Genshin Impact that is interesting.

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