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Angel Marquez
2020-12-30 14:41:11

More about: Call of Duty Mobile

Find out how to get Diamond Camo in season 13 in this excellent and explanatory guide from Call of Duty Mobile.

What to know about Call of Duty Mobile?

With the arrival of season 13 we have added endless content to highlight, among which is the Diamond Camo, which is possible to obtain when unlocking it, it is a skin seen before in the games of the franchise above, there is certainly a lot to do to get access to it, but being something suitable for weapons, we have to see How to get Diamond Camo in season 13 and it will be explained in the following content, let's see it.

How to get Diamond Camo in Call of Duty Mobile Season 13?

Depending on the amount of death for each weapon, it is possible to solve How to obtain Diamond Camo in season 13, which depends on the category of the weapon that we are using, only that it is something that requires an important time, the deaths required of each weapon in Call of Duty Mobile are as follows:
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  • A total of 150 matches must be completed for each assault rifle, where 10 kills must be achieved in each match, marking a total of 1500 kills
  • You have to complete 120 fights for each SMG, taking into account 10 deaths in each of them and that means a total of 1200 deaths
  • Complete 120 battles for each sniper rifle, requiring 10 kills in each of the battles and ultimately becoming 1200 required kills
  • Fight 120 battles for each LMG, where 10 deaths are required for each of the battles and that add up to 1200 deaths.
  • We have to face 120 combats for each shotgun, which leads to having 10 deaths in each of them for a total of 1200.
  • During 80 combats we have that for each pistol and with 10 deaths per combat for a total of 800 deaths
  • You have to get 500 kills with the camouflage, this with each melee style weapon
  • Shoot down 100 UAVs for each launcher

As we can see it is a challenge to get to solve How to get Diamond Camo in season 13 for each of the weapons, it is something of great importance that adds to the extensive content that we will discover in Call of Duty Mobile, it is ideal to consider that this unlocking arrives If possible to achieve individually and with the weapons that are not to our liking, it is required to complete the objectives so that we have this camouflage in those that we do like, highlighting the time that this will take and a great performance.

So we finish our guide on How to get Diamond Camo in season 13, hoping that you can get the best out of Call of Duty Mobile, a very busy game.

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