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As we progress in Genshin Impact it is necessary to do some simple tasks and knowing how to get wishes is one of them, let's see.

Why is it necessary to get wishes in Genshin Impact?

  This is a game where action and adventure are very marked, and therefore it is necessary to feel free to get some wishes without having to opt for real money so that with them we can get more characters, it is a complex task peri necessary, it is not available in the game menu which makes us go through the story for a while, anyway this will not make us invest much time, maybe two hours that go by quickly.
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    How to get wishes in Genshin Impact?

     It can be complex when we are not familiar with it, it is necessary to locate ourselves in the lower corner on the right side of our wish screen, it is necessary to understand that there are three main points, because the real currency to make these wishes is not simply the Wishes We must also consider that we can choose to make 1 single wish or 10, in such a way that when we are located in the bottom corner we see the icon marked by a 4-pointed star, we can count on the primo gems that we have achieved while doing some activities and missions as they are essential to know how to obtain wishes.

     It should be noted that the Intertwined Fate as the Fate are often used to make Wishes, because here it is important to know that the Interwined Fate is ideal for two events, while the Acquaint Fate is usually used to Summon the Wish of Beginners and to get them it is necessary:


    •  Open the game menu and proceed to select store.
    • Next we select Paimons Bargains.
    • We proceed to purchase Interwined and Acquaint Fates.
    • Then it is possible to spend the primogems by buying.
    • Finally we review the menu to check exactly which Destination requires the event we are wanting.

     This is all you need to know about obtaining wishes, as it is necessary to unlock characters in Genshin Impact.

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