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Angel Marquez
2020-09-29 15:13:24

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Today we bring you a Fortnite guide with the objective of explaining how to get Rocket League Octane Back Bling.

What to know about Rocket League Octane Back Bling in Fortnite?

  Due to crossing we have to be celebrating a special event that is related to some Llama-Branch challenges that are of this game in Rocket League, in this way we will have the possibility of unlocking a series of items for free for this game, in the meantime We want to know how to obtain the octane glow of Rocket League and for this it is necessary that we complete the challenges of the Flame-Branch, the following details will guide us in this regard, let's follow the content of this guide closely.
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How to get Rocket League Octane Back Bling in Fortnite?

 It is necessary that we complete a total of 5 challenges to be able to unlock the cosmetics, specifically it is the challenge Get the MVP in the games with the flame wheels and this instantly generates another 4 to complete and these are the following:


  •  In any of the online games we must get the MVP with the Flame Wheels
  • During the playlist with octane you need to win 5 online games, flame sticker
  • In online games score 5 goals saving or assisting the top of the flame
  • Flame Flying Antenna requires you to win an online game in line casual
  • In any of the playlists play an online game


 Once we have completed the challenges, we will load the game and register, thus having a message that will appear in the upper corner of the screen that will tell us about the items purchased, and the moment we log in our objects of the Flame-Branch will be available, simply that we look for the cosmetic that we want to equip will suffice.

 Knowing how to get the Rocket League Octane Back Bling is interesting, as it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Fortnite.

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