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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-06 14:36:12

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Faults are present in Genshin Impact and it is our task to explain to you How to fix error code 31-4302, let's see.

What is error code 31-4302 in Genshin Impact?

  This is a failure that is present very often, which allows us to consider that it may be clearly related to a local factor, because unlike other errors that are linked to servers, this usually occurs as a local problem with our client or our devices, as this makes our adventure through an open world can become somewhat complex, however for the good fortune of all there are solutions and we will tell you about them below.
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How to fix error code 31-4302 in Genshin Impact?


 Reboot the system.

 This is a problem that is related to the loading of the game data and one of the actions that we can carry out when we get this failure is to close the game and proceed to restart the system, as this allows us to play again calmly.


 Launch the game from the executable.

 It is possible to get us with the impossibility of playing and this may be related to the launcher, for this it is necessary to locate the installation file of the game located in C: Program FilesGenshin ImpactGenshinImpact.exe and proceed to launch the game from here, this may allow us to play However, there is the possibility that it may fail us, which is why it is necessary to locate the Bob Storage folder and delete it.


 Delete the x360ce files from the game installation folder.

 Knowing how to repair error code 31-4302 leads us to look for options that allow us to play with peace of mind without problems, and for this it is ideal to look for as many solutions as possible, to delete these files it is necessary to temporarily delete GenshinImpact.exe but to undo this deletion it is necessary to press Alt Z and thus get to play again.


 Uninstall the game.

 This is our last option, when we have tried the previous solutions and we see that we did not get a favorable response, we propose to uninstall the game, download a new copy and install it.

 In general terms, knowing how to fix error code 31-4302 allows us to play as comfortable as possible, as Genshin Impact has come to offer us a lot of adventure that we cannot waste due to a failure.

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