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2020-10-06 07:39:49

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Our Genshin Impact adventure gets us into some glitches, but we're here to tell you How to fix error code 9203

What is error code 9203 in Genshin Impact?


 This is one of the many failures that have been achieved throughout this game, although it is true, there is no perfect game, it is necessary to understand that there is no game that is saved from errors, only that in this particular case it seems to be clearly related to a connection problem with the servers of this game which makes us inform ourselves about How to fix error code 9203 since this failure can become really complex, than there is nothing more to do.


 Knowing how to repair the error code 9203 could lead us to review some third-party websites to verify that it is not only our problem, however, the most ideal for this failure in Genshin Impact is to wait in a way for the developers to solve something, about all because this bug seems to be related to all platforms where the game is available.


 Genshin Impact has achieved some number of players, but in the same way there are some drawbacks which make us have to find out how to repair the error code 9203 since it usually affects us enough, because this even leads us to have to limit ourselves in terms of the number of players which simply becomes a tedious inconvenience, in addition this failure does not present inconveniences in relation to the performance of the device where we play, but it can present some details related to the bandwidth which leads us to consider a good and stable connection to progress in this game.


 An interesting detail about the failure is that it is related to the DNS servers, which simply leads us to make use of Google's DNS, as they could get us out of this problem on both PC and PS4, so that we know how to repair the Error code 9203 can be resolved, leaving aside the fact that this fault often comes and goes.

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How to fix error code 9203 in Genshin Impact?


 There is the possibility that this could become a simple temporary error which may well lead us to restart our system to play again, as this seems somewhat simple but it has been a necessary and feasible answer for many players, because in a way knowing How to repair the error code 9203 simply allows us to understand that we are facing a failure that can occupy us some unnecessary time, which makes solving it usually a priority to continue our adventure.


 Here is a solution for each platform where you play Genshin Impact.


  •  In the case of the PC, it is necessary to change the DNS configuration as follows:
  • Press Windows I to open Windows settings.
  • Then proceed to select Network and Internet.
  • Then we will click on Change adapter options.
  • Next we select Network and right-click Properties.
  • Then it is necessary to select Internet Protocol version TCP / IPv4 and click on Properties.
  • Next we use Google DNS addresses and
  • To finish we click OK.


 In the case of playing on PS4, it is necessary to change the DNS settings as follows in Genshin Impact t:


  •  Open the PlayStation to go to the main menu.
  • Then you need to go to Settings.
  • Then we select Network Settings / Internet connection settings / Personalize.
  • We proceed to select LAN for cable and WiFi for wireless, this varies according to the type of connection.
  • You need to select Custom and change the IP address settings to automatic.
  • There is no need to specify the DHCP host name.
  • We proceed to enter the primary DNS and secondary
  • We select the automatic MTU settings, do not use for Proxy.
  • Finally we save and restart our PS4.


 In the case of playing on a mobile device, it is necessary to understand that knowing how to fix error code 9203 is related to the fluctuation of the internet, which could in some way lead us to use a WiFi connection but as long as it is not public, since This is simply not the right one since it can bring us some amount of phalluses when playing Genshin Impact, without neglecting the possibility that the servers may be somewhat saturated and thus lead us to said failure in the game, perhaps looking for a suitable time to play where there is probably not a lot of user flow.

 Now that you know how to fix error code 9203, it is only necessary to opt for one of our solutions since this can solve this failure, since Genshin Impact has some complex errors but they do not necessarily have to leave us stuck.

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