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Today we are here to tell you how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley, an interesting task in the adventure called Genshin Impact

What is Tianqiu Valley in Genshin Impact?

 This is one of the many places that exist in this game and where it will be necessary to go to carry out a mission which allows us to want to know how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley, because we are facing a puzzle that behaves like one of the most interesting and complex challenges that exist, for which it is vital to manage ourselves with all the resources that may be within our reach.


 Genshin Impact is simply an open world, which allows us to carry out a number of interesting activities, one perhaps more complex than others but necessary in some way, because knowing how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley is to carry out a puzzle that involves getting three particular towers, our work here is something strong therefore it is necessary to have varied characters and get to the location of said valley which is west of Luhua Pool and southwest of the road that leads to Jueyun Karst in southwest Teyvat.
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    How to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley in Genshin Impact?

     To complete the secret valley, it is first necessary to unlock the mission itself, as this leads us in the first instance to head towards the valley with the mere objective of finding the three towers and in the center locate the small statue that is surrounded by a platform that They have 3 holes in the ground, near it we can get a tombstone with which it is necessary to interact and in this way the twin player can be the one chosen to continue, in addition to having the possibility to read "In the Tianqiu Valley the old Adept's path grows cold. I fall and cry over the ruins I see. Though defeated is the mighty Azhdaha of yore, there is no way to restore this bygone land of beauty, "thereby giving us the green light to launch the mission in Genshin Impact.

     Knowing how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley is an interesting and necessary task that allows us to move a little, specifically to go to the north tower, the northernmost tower in the north has a fire puzzle for which it is necessary to take players who need a Pyro, these being the usable:


    •  Amber.
    • Bennett.
    • Dilute
    • Klee.
    • Xiangling.


     It is necessary to choose one of these players because they are the best for this challenge, although it is true, one could consider that the most feasible would be 5-star players but in reality they are not, so it is necessary to start with Amber , since it has fire arrows that can be easy enough to direct to the point that knowing how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley can become easier to solve, this is a pretty good process, because it is only necessary to get to light the torches, since when one is lit the other goes out, however doing it in an orderly way allows us to complete the challenge and take the chest, only these must be lit in this way:


    •  Start by lighting the torch that is closest to the treasure chest.
    • Then it is necessary to light the torch located in the middle row near the entrance.


     We continue to the second floor where it is necessary to solve another puzzle in Genshin Impact, here we also observe torches, only they have a star shape, it is vital to light them all, because as soon as this challenge ends we will be able to open the treasure chest and this must be done in this way :


    •  Light the torch on the left.
    • Then turn on two that are located on the right.
    • Then turn on all the backs.
    • Finally light the torches in front.


     Our work to know how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley takes us to a third floor where we get a total of 8 connected torches, which makes us a simpler job, since when we light the first one, and then the one on the side , the rest is just a matter of hitting both so that the others turn on, with this we manage to complete the puzzle and proceed to take:


    •  The treasure chest.
    • The prism that is on the pedestal and move to the next tower.

     This is all you need to know about how to complete the secret of Tianqiu Valley, because in reality it is not that complicated, just bring the ideal characters and solve this interesting puzzle in Genshin Impact.

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