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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-01 15:58:32

More about: Genshin Impact

Our adventure in Genshin Impact allows us to explain the Crossplay Guide, let's see.

Really, does Genshin Impact have Crossplay support?

  It is necessary to make it clear that it does have support, as this allows us to have the possibility of enjoying this game on any platform and that it can be free, this is because it is available for consoles, mobile devices and PC, in such a way A way that playing with friends is simply possible and that is why we have made this Crossplay Guide, on the contrary, it is necessary to know that the Cross Saves support is not so attractive in Genshin Impact, however it allows us to continue our save on the respective platform where we are playing , it is good to know that playing on PC or mobile device with PS4 is not compatible.
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What is the compatibility status between Crossplay and Cross Platform in Genshin Impact?

 Our Crossplay Guide allows us to explain that platform support has simply become popular over time, but it is not necessarily included in cross-platform multiplayer games, since they are mostly limited by both for each console or for PC, although Microsoft tends to have a somewhat more flexible policy, it seems to be limited to the Xbox or PC without having any kind of extra cost.

 It is necessary to make it clear that Sony has long been quite opposed to this type of cross-play, and in a way it seems not to affect it thanks to the considerable amount of sales it has achieved in recent times, in this Crossplay Guide we also tell you which has some exclusivities that it obviously does not share with anyone, which makes it unique, however there are third-party games available on PS and PC where it is possible to opt for a cross game, for which Sony has indicated a solution with the output of the so-called Beta, which is free for everyone and it may be that PS4 players have the possibility of enjoying it at some point, which can open the way to play Genshin Impact.

 Now that you know the Crossplay Guide it is important to understand that although it is true that cross games are not available for all consoles, when this happens we simply enjoy it in a big way and with Genshin Impact it will be great.

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