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Let's start talking about insurgency sandstorm, well this is a multiplayer game that consists mainly and only about short distance fights to death leaving between seeing that teamwork allows the player in the fight to get as a single prize, the ability, this allows to level up.

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What to do if I want to level up quickly:

really does not have much problem, in insurgency sandstorm, because all you have to do is play coop, that is, a game mode in which both you and the group of players of your team fight with AI enemies all day as simple as that , on the other hand the team of players must be fundamentally focused on fighting throughout the tour of the map capturing absolutely all targets and protect them from counterattacks, in the same way completely eliminate the places where all kinds of weapons of your enemies have been hidden.
To level up we have to have an appropriate team and for this the most important thing is that you have the possibility to choose the weapon that you like the most, there is not one that is regulatory for use, what you should not rule out is to acquire a minimum weapon hand, as you will understand the ammunition are not eternal and when you run out you must defend yourself in some way, in this case the handgun plays a key role, in turn you can acquire grenades, buy only molotov ie the grenades that fire, on the other hand buys at least a heavy armor, a carrier of ammunition if it is even better lightweight, as well as ammunition, the amount of 2 grenades can be sufficient by administering them well.

Only Molotov or incendiary grenades, attentive:

In the meantime there is a simple question but it may be interesting, why only buy molotov grenades or grenades that catch fire? It's easy to use these grenades to eliminate the hiding places where they have weapons very quickly, which obviously will give you a good number of fast points and on the other hand it will block the AI ​​in any way and it will quickly reach the target in insurgency sandstorm.

Always remember that you should not create big smoke because this is a great reason for the adversaries to be favored and your team is blocked, making your movements completely unsuccessful, this must be taken into account whenever you fight against an enemy, the tactics to use is always fundamental, if you think and act above the adversary, these are part of the necessary strategies to level up.

It is important that you keep in mind that it is necessary to stay close to your team, when you reach a position where you have the possibility to rest or camp, talk to the team so that they also do it and stay together, because with force of the fires of all the enemy should not be able to about a lot and generate any kind of pressure, it is important that you always be the first to throw the incendiary grenades to the deposits where there are weapons, because the objective must always be present and even with more force if the enemies are counterattacking you, remember that you must look and review absolutely everywhere where it is possible that an enemy may be hiding, also keep in constant contact with the team to inform them in order to save the life of yours and insurgency sandstorm, keep in mind that these well-used strategies make you level up.

To conclude never leave the game when the team is losing remember that this way they are defeating you is a way to gain experience in insurgency sandstorm.

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