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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-18 15:25:46

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In the Fortnite universe we are presented with interesting objects, let's see Where to find flare guns

What does Fortnite season 3 bring to us?

  A map covered practically with water is one of the great novelties that we can get ourselves in this game, some new characters like Aquaman, new areas that have been incorporated to give it a little more life, some mythical weapons that can be truly useful tools, and on all many challenges that will make us stay stuck every week
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What is the flare gun in Fortnite ?

This is simply a weapon that we can get and has been seen in during the promotion of this season 3, it has the ability to:


  •  Count on 6 shots.
  • It is a rare blue weapon.
  • It has a 1.5 second recharge time.
  • It has the capacity to cause at least 60 damages.


Where to find flare guns in Fortnite?

These weapons can be obtained anywhere that can be looted and they will mostly be in care packages, on the ground or in some chests, this type of weapons is very interesting since it serves to get some rewards related clearly to the battle pass, on all because here we have the possibility of obtaining new skin and the possibility of carrying out new challenges that are directly related to water.

Knowing where to find flare guns is simply an interesting task and although it does not have a super use, it is interesting to obtain it, since it is highly likely that it can get us out of trouble, that if she has her expected moment to be placed in Fortnite, for this moment she It does not appear yet but it is planned to be incorporated soon, you just have to wait a little to access this weapon that is probably clearly related to an update.

 In this sense, knowing Where to find flare guns simply allows us to move around places that can be looted and this leads us to visit some interesting places in Fortnite.

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