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Fortnite: Where to Find 3 Gnomes at Homely Hills

2020-06-18 08:20:00

The action does not stop at Fortnite, so we will explain where to find 3 gnomes in the Homely Hills.

What to know about Fortnite?

With the arrival of season 3 we have an underwater map we can say, dealing with a result of the events that occurred in the previous season of the device, with which Splashdown is the new image, a series of new challenges have also arrived for Complete, in which there is damage to the new Loot Sharks that appear located in Sweaty Sands, the search in Rickety Rig of the chests and going up to the one to eliminate 3 players in the Steamy Stacks, but this time we want to solve where to find 3 gnomes in the Homely Hills and in this guide the details will be presented below

Where to find 3 gnomes in the Homely Hills at Fortnite?

In Homely Hills we have the present challenge, for the game it is one of the landmarks on the season 3 map, thus being in the upper left part of the map, where you can see the presence of water and that you have a series of scattered gnomes, the challenge is to get only 3 to complete it, we will focus on those that can be found more quickly, since there are more than 3 gnomes, we must bear in mind that this challenge places us in front of many opponents wanting to increase the battle pass as we do, so we must be cautious and avoid situations of high competitiveness.

If we become defeated before we complete the challenge, it is important to know that it will not be influential because it is not required to be completed in a single real battle, but if we find the same gnome that another player will not count for the challenge, when we get the 3 gnomes 35000 XP will be unlocked, where we must highlight the outstanding amount of cosmetics that this season's pass has, all with a theme focused on the aquatic, in which it is seen that of aquaman one of the heroes of DC Comics.

 Finally, now that we already know where to find 3 gnomes in the Homely Hills, it is possible to advance in Fortnite and in this recent start of season 3.

PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Survival, battle royale, sandbox
Epic Games
Epic Games
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
July 25, 2017
Co-op, multiplayer
age rating:

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