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If you are wondering how to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV you are in the perfect guide, because here you will find everything covered.

  Why buy the house in Final Fantasy XIV?

There is not much secret here, if you want to buy a house it is because you have probably already reached the end of the game, this being the moment when you can do it. There is basically not much to do at this point other than hang around. Indifferently, in this guide we will tell you how to buy a house.

How to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV?

First, you must bear in mind that in order to buy a house in the game, you will need to meet the following requirements:
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  • Position yourself at level 50.
  • Obtain the rank of Second Lieutenant with your Great Company.
  • Complete the Stormblood mission "Not without incident".
  • With this in mind, you can only buy one personal home on each server per account.

Fulfilling the requirements and having the aforementioned clear, the next thing will be to look for a plot for sale. But keep in mind that you can access two types of house in the game, one is the personal house and the second is the Free Company house.

If you want to get a free company house you will need at least 4 or more members who have reached rank 6, it will also be necessary to have the permission of the leader with rank to be able to buy or give land.

When you have your personal or Free Company home, it will be necessary to visit it once in 4 days, or it will be claimed and sold again.

If you want the house to remain yours, you can send any member of your company so as not to lose it, although it is worth visiting from time to time.

The price of the houses will depend on the size of the house, being able to go from 3 or 4 million gil, to 40 or 50 million gil.

 That's all you have to know about how to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV, we hope our guide has been very clear so that you can buy your house as quickly as possible after completing the game

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