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The activities are constant in Valheim, and therefore it is necessary to talk to you about How to ferment.

Why ferment in Valheim?

At some point in the game we have that the mead will be important, with these we can obtain resistance to some damage, such as that caused by frost and fire, which will allow us to access some biomes, even heal ourselves instantly through others, these elixirs require that we have a fermenter, which we will build, now to understand How to ferment we have to see the content of this guide below, then let's see the details.
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    How to ferment in Valheim?

    The first thing is the manufacture of the fermenter, which goes through the fact of being able to forge bronze, this consists of an amalgam that will depend on 2 copper and one tin, taking into account that the extraction of these minerals is possible with a pick, that we will get once we have defeated Eikthyr, after that we will need copper x10 and tin x5 minerals to have the fermenter, adding to this the need for bronze bars x5, fine woods x30 and resins x10, we can Help us with the young trees or with the greylings and gray dwarfs by killing them, while for fine wood birches or oaks will be the indicated ones, through the hammer craft interface we will be able to access the fermenter, only that it will depend on an improved workbench, then we got access to be able to work with the mead bases.

    We must take into account the possibility of making only the mead bases with the fermenter, which then have to go through a cauldron so that they are transformed into drinks, in almost all cases of the mead base recipes it is going to need honey, being this harvested on farms by means of bees, with the help of the fermenter we can make the following mead bases:


    •  You get -50 percent health regeneration and 300 percent resistance with a duration of 10 seconds, this with honey x10, raspberries x10 and blueberries x5.
    • You will receive less damage from poison for about 600 seconds with honey x10, thistle x5, necktail x1 and charcoal x10.
    • You get resistance to ice cream damage for 600 seconds with Honey x10, Thistle x5, Blood Bag x2 and Gray Dwarf Eye x1.
    • You get 50 health regeneration by having honey x10, blueberries x5, raspberries x10 and dandelion x1.
    • You get 75 health regeneration by having honey x10, bag of blood x4, raspberries x10 and dandelion x1.
    • You get 80 stamina regeneration with honey x10, raspberries x10 and yellow mushroom x10.
    • You get 160 stamina regeneration for 120 seconds with honey x10, blackberries x10 and yellow mushroom x10.
    • Resistance to fire damage is gained for 600 seconds with x10 barley and x10 blackberries.


    Now that you know how to ferment, it's time to do it in Valheim and tell us how it goes.

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