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GTA Online: Where to Find Bigfoot Peyote Plant

2021-02-23 08:00:33

If you want to know where to find Bigfoot's peyote plant in GTA Online, then pay attention because in this guide you will find everything.

  What is Bigfoot's Peyote Plant Challenge in GTA Online?

The truth is that getting bored with this game is practically impossible, we have been testing it since day one of its release, and we still find new things to do. It is not for less, if there are so many missions and activities to complete.

One of them requires you to find Bigfoot's peyote plant, which will allow you to get a unique gaming experience, as it will turn you into Bigfoot if eaten in the right conditions. So to the case, because next we will tell you where to find the Bigfoot peyote plant.

Where to find Bigfoot's peyote plant in GTA Online?

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    To find the Bigfoot peyote plant you will have to go to the base of Mount Chiliad near Grapeseed. You will be able to see the plant growing on the side of the mountain.

    Eating this silver will transform you from a standard character to a great sasquatch. But for this you will have to eat it between 3 a.m. M. And 8 a. M, but you will also have to do it while the weather is cloudy.

    The latter being the most difficult to control, taking into account that the game climate changes every 16 days in the game, equivalent to a little more than 12 hours in real time. Besides that it is impossible to know what the next state of the climate will be.

    Playing as Bigfoot will prevent you from driving vehicles or entering buildings, although this is the least, since there are a lot of actions and activities that you can do. In addition to that you will have access to super strength power, greater health reserve.

    But you must bear in mind that after eating the plant, it will take a day for it to reappear in the same place.

    Once your adventure as Bigfoot is complete, you will be able to continue with your normal game activities without any problems.

     That's all you have to know about where to find Bigfoot's peyote plant in GTA Online, we hope our guide has been very useful, and you have managed to find this plant quickly and get a lot of fun out of its effects.

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