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Facebook has managed to become a fantastic network and this makes it convenient to tell you How to find memories.

What is the point of finding memories on Facebook?

Facebook has a considerable number of users around the world, which makes us explain how to find memories, because with this we are allowed to access some publications from some time ago that we want to revive, this is an interesting functionality that in reality they do not have greater drawback.

How to find memories on Facebook?

There is the possibility of accessing the resources manually on Facebook, as this can be done on certain occasions because it may not be possible to do so automatically, it is also good to understand that the memories of the publications made are refreshed in a way In addition, in this task to know how to find memories, it is well worth clarifying that these are usually applied from the moment we have created our account, this is usually made easy by reviewing the notifications that are located on the right side of the screen.

To know how to find memories, it is good to understand that it usually works in a particular way according to the device used and this occurs in this way:

To access Facebook memories on PC.
  • We must open Facebook in the PC browser and access our account.
  • Next we look for the sidebar that is located on the left side of our screen.
  • We proceed to scroll down in order to select "See more".
  • Then we select "Memories" * 2_Facebook_select memories *

It is convenient to understand that on the home page of "Memories" we can observe from a few years to many years ago, considering the date from which we registered, it will only be enough to scroll down, also on the same page we are allowed to access use the configuration menu, as this with the mere purpose of accessing to configure the notifications of the memories on Facebook, in such a way that it allows us to access one of the three options that are shown to us in order to receive daily notifications , Either from videos, collections or not receiving them.
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    Access memories on Smartphone.

    Sometimes this is a simpler and more comfortable action, since we have a smaller device which makes it easier, in this sense, knowing how to find memories leads us to:

    • Open the Facebook mobile application on the Smartphone.
    • Locate the upper corner on the right side in order to select three horizontal lines that allow us to open the menu.
    • We proceed to select Memories.
    • Then we scroll down to see the memories that we have in our account, considering that these usually occur from this day to the ones further back that can take us to the date on which we created our account.
    • There is the possibility of changing the configuration of the memories notifications, as it will only be enough to select the gear icon that is located in the upper corner on the right side of our screen, this allows us to open the memory configuration and from there choose the frequency with which we want their notifications to appear.

    Is it possible to hide the memories in Facebook?

    Even though our objective is to talk to you about How to find memories, it is well worth explaining that there is the possibility of hiding them, because not necessarily everyone may be interested in seeing and reliving them, in this sense it is necessary:

    • Go to the settings of our memories in Facebook.
    • Then it is necessary to access the notifications section.
    • We proceed to select "None" in order for Facebook to stop sending us notifications on this day.
    • There is the possibility of hiding memories of specific dates for which it is necessary to move to the configuration of memories where we must select "Hide dates".
    • Proceed to add a new date range, which implies setting the start and end date, from there choose to "Save" in order to confirm.

    Without a doubt, knowing how to find memories makes us relive pleasant experiences, however, not everyone usually sees it this way, in this sense, it is even possible to hide some of our Facebook friends from others, for this it is necessary:

    • Go to the memory settings.
    • Proceed to select "Hide people".
    • Then we write the name of our friend in Facebook in the search bar.
    • We proceed to select "Save" in order to confirm, this in order that this person does not reappear in our memories of Facebook, also our friend will not realize it, because we do not receive any kind of notification about it.

    There is the possibility of explaining how to find memories in other social networks, because today there are users registered on Instagram or Google Photos, for this it is necessary to consider:

    Access Instagram memories.

    This memory function, as in Facebook, is also available for Instagram, except that this application allows access to memories through mobile phones, and for this it is necessary:

    • Open the Instagram application.
    • Proceed to select the three horizontal lines that are located in the upper right corner of our screen to open the menu.
    • Then we proceed to select the file that is in the memories section at the bottom of the "Story Archive" page.
    • This is usually updated daily according to the story that we have published that day, or failing that, the day in other years ago.
    • We proceed to select "Share" the memory on Instagram as a story, or if we prefer it is possible to delete it.

    Access the memories in Google Photos.

    It is possible to use Google Photos on PC and mobile devices, but it should be mentioned that the mobile version is usually compatible for memories, in this sense it is possible to follow these steps:

    • Open the Google Photos application on our Smartphone.
    • Locate memories at the top of our screen or choose to select the icon of our profile in order to open the menu.
    • We proceed to select photo settings and choose to select memories.
    • It is possible to select highlighted memories for Google Photos to show us, although it is also possible to manage memory notifications.
    • Hiding certain people is also an action that we can perform on the page.

    In this sense, knowing how to find memories allows us to relive some favorable moments and keep them for a long time, for this Facebook has been provided, and it is usually necessary to take advantage of it.

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