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Angel Marquez
2022-10-18 18:19:33

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Today we bring you a guide on How to get the teleporter in Dome Keeper.

What to know about the teleporter in Dome Keeper?

It is a tool that will help us have the ability to teleport between the deep mines and our base, having the opportunity to save time progressing through the mine looking for different resources, only to do so we must be aware of how to get the teleporter in Dome Keeper and to help us there is the content of this guide, let's see it below.

How to get the teleporter in Dome Keeper?

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While extracting we can notice that it is the shining tiles for the gadgets, there are also other things similar to this, the devices being the most frequent in shallow depth, when we find it it will take up a couple of spaces, we have to return to our base to choose said device to unlock it, it may not be the teleporter, then we will have to look for other devices to access it, considering the couple of slots it will occupy in the base, it is important to have the space for its installation, when we have this device we can take it from the lower level of our base being in hiding putting it in a place that we have dug to teleport to the other side from our base.

Now we can apply an update to the teleporter in the same way that we do with any device, going through the option to update the terminal of our base, which are very cheap in iron, while a high water cost is required, the choice allows to reduce the specific scenario, highlighting that there are a couple of different types of teleportation, with the update we can use it in both directions, while sacrificing the ability to do it back to our base to be able to do it for resources, this will prove to be very useful, being superior to the Resource Elevator device that we may have installed, we will achieve greater freedom of movement with this update.

 Finally, now that we know how to get the teleporter in Dome Keeper we can continue with our progress.

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