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Angel Marquez
2020-09-24 15:53:50

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We welcome you to our Rocket League guide where we will talk about how to flip, fly and roll.

What to know about Rocket League?

At this time, access to this game is free, which has allowed the community to grow, which makes it necessary for some of us newbies that we know many aspects of vital importance for proper performance in this game, among the basic concepts what we are going to know in this guide is how to flip, fly and roll, so we have to pay attention to what comes next.

How to flip, fly and roll in Rocket League?

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Flip: we have that there are a series of mechanics that turn out to be simple once we master them, among the answers that we will see in terms of how to flip, fly and roll, the first mechanics would become perhaps the flip, for this it is necessary that Let's do the jump in the air and then press the left lever indicating the direction in which we are going to turn the car, thus achieving a somersault, it can be lateral to give a blow or if we want to get out of the way, if it is backwards we It will make you lose speed, we have many possible combinations, however we must consider that when entering the air in whatever way we have to wait between 1 or 2 seconds to do it again and be able to turn in Rocket League, time has a lot impact as factor, it is something ideal to be tested in training, the distance between the jump and the jump is key, so we will have to get used to instead of turning towards after we do not end up doing just forward.

Flying: looking to know how to turn, fly and roll, we have already seen how to turn and now we are to know how to fly, we are going to find ourselves in some combat situations in which our opponents are flying all over the map, simply if we want to fly in Rocket League we go To use the momentum in the moment that we are in the air, having mastery of this we will be able to have greater effectiveness and precision, what we will do is use any way that allows us to be in the air, be it jumping or getting in, the next thing will be that our car it is inclined vertically or so that it rises so that we maintain the necessary impulse, in doing so we seek to maintain the altitude, this we will achieve by maintaining control with the analog lever, it is important to practice and be attentive to the impulse that is It is spending, since the situation of a free hit can be presented, we have to maintain control of the trajectory and the momentum to catch the step, fly in the surroundings of the map is the best practice option we can do.

Roll: in Rocket League with the slide button it is possible to have a balance in the air or a turn on the ground, depending on the platform it is the same, in the air we can also use it so that rolling with the car is possible, if we use When the lever is in the air we will turn in the direction in which we aim, now by holding down the slide button we will be able to make the car roll in that direction, which will help us to shoot and pass with greater precision , with what is now completely understood how to turn, fly and roll, mechanics of great importance.

In this way we finalize our Rocket League guide, now you know how to flip, fly and roll, get the most out of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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