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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-08 13:35:49

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Searches usually occur in all games and for this reason we will indicate Where to find Bonnie's drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What are Bonnie's drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

This is another of the objectives that we have in this game, Bonnie is the girl who became the owner of Andy's toys in Toy Story 3, this girl usually has a room and there it is necessary to execute a search task, it is possible to It should be noted that it is not usually entirely clear, but to give you more details about it, we have made this guide.

Where to find Bonnie's drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

It is necessary to take into account that we will be immersed in the mission called A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space and where we will have to take a total of 4 photographs of Bonnie's drawings, most of the drawings are usually on the wall, but they are not usually count for the objective of Real, Quest, this because the instructions to complete this task indicate that we must take photos of the drawings on colored construction paper with gold stars.

Knowing Where to find Bonnie's drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley implies embarking on a search and that we must execute in this way:

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  • Draw a house with a fence: this is usually done starting from the bed and going to the floor level to the left where we will have to investigate the small white shelf, there is usually a book on the back of the shelf and behind it a toy train , plus a stack of books.
  • Elephant making friends with a penguin: this is another drawing and after having found the previous drawing we must go under the table and go to the race track that is near the opposite wall, we will see that a section of the tracks is balanced On top of a stack of books in a box, all you have to do is look up to find the drawing.
  • Green and brown lines with a bottle of glue: we continue to search and now we must move to the floor to the right of Bonnie's bed, which is the opposite side of the white shelf where we have found the first drawing, we will only have to navigate through the floor until reaching the nightstand to locate the drawing we require.
  • Elephant and penguin standing in front of the house: this is the last drawing that we must find and it is located on the wall inside the bedroom closet, near the location of the third drawing we will see the entrance to the closet.

  Now that you know Where to find Bonnie's drawings in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can embark on this quest and continue enjoying everything that this game brings.

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