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We have made a guide to explain how to create the Miracle growth elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What is the miracle growth elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  This is a miraculous item that we have and that is usually vital in the search for the story of the Nature and Nutrition scar, a task that makes it necessary to take care of cleaning night thorns that are usually inside the Vitalys mines of the illuminated plateau by the sun and restores the breeding orb, we must plant the orb and water it, as is usually done with some crop, however, the orb's magic is powerful enough that it can only be fed by water from a watering can improved and to talk about it we have made this guide.

How to create the Miracle growth elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  We must bear in mind that this is a process that to create this elixir it is necessary to have these ingredients:
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  • Rich soil: this ingredient is usually found everywhere, it can confuse us on how to acquire it and it is necessary to take care of planting, that is, we must harvest crops here, it is not necessary to plant something in particular, only planting allows us to produce a soil rich Every time we manage to harvest crops, it is ideal to opt for short-cycle crops, such as lettuce or carrots.
  • Vitalys Crystals: To get this resource we must carry out explorations to the mines and this usually occurs during Nature and Nurture, when we enter this place we will see some shiny mineral nodes in the cave, these usually produce: Mineral crystal, Precious stones, Vitalys . It should be noted that we must get several nodes to reach the required amount of crystals to create the elixir.
  • Dreamlight: It is good to know that Dreamlight is a resource that we accumulate in large quantities when we accept the quest called Nature and nutrition.


  Now that you know how to create the miraculous growth elixir in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can embark on this task and thus continue to progress in the game.

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