Lidia Rozo
2020-11-18 07:54:14

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How to load the Cryptolith lure in Destiny 2?

Our best alternative to increase the load is the strikes, although it is true each of the activities offers us a 33 percent increase, specifically the strikes allow us to have two extra opportunities to achieve it, so that this opens the possibilities to the option to eliminate enemies with just a precise hit, thus highlighting the possibility of hitting elite enemies, which are easy to identify because they usually contain a yellow bar where their health and name are observed.

To load a load reward of 1 percent, it is necessary to achieve a death with precision, these can accumulate little by little to the point of reaching a total of 10 percent, so it is necessary to focus on getting to knock down enemies quickly, in addition This allows us to be able to choose to cross the Nightfall where the number of enemies usually increases, which allows us to choose to load the lure with a bit more speed and thus achieve the 33 percent that allows us this lure to be stable .

 In this sense, knowing how to load the Cryptolith decoy embarks us in a fight against enemies so that this allows us to opt for the strength of the decoy, as this is a task that is only possible to carry out in Destiny 2.