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In this guide entry we will explain everything about How to get the gurgling head in Diablo 4 season 4.

What to know about How to get the gurgling head in Diablo 4 season 4?

If we're lucky, we'll have the chance to start the season with a character who skipped the campaign because otherwise unlocking the Whispering Tree can be a pain. The first thing we will be interested in doing is accessing the Whispering Tree for this task if we want to make it easier. The Whispering Tree has a chance to reward us with the Gurgling Head if you complete its rewards. This is the most consistent way to achieve it.

How to get the gurgling head in Diablo 4 season 4?

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  • We must ensure we have access to the Whispering Tree.
  • Increase the difficulty of your game to world level 3 or world level 4.
  • Complete the Whispers of the Dead reward.
  • Return to the Whispering Tree to search for the cache of rewards.
  • Open the reward cache, and we may be rewarded with a gurgling head.
  • Otherwise, we need to repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 again.

However, there is also the possibility of trying your luck outside of completing the rewards for the Whispering Tree. Enemies like the Grotesque Debtor or other Elites offer the chance to drop a random Evil Body Part. We may get these enemies in Legion events, after World Bosses, or during Helltides.

But since there are three evil body parts and certain enemy spawn rates can be rare, you're playing with your luck a lot. The Whispering Tree simply has better rates. Still, it wouldn't hurt to keep an eye out for grotesque debtors or elites in the open world.

How to use the gurgling head in Diablo 4 season 4?

Once we have the gurgling head along with the shaking hand and the blackened femur, we can go to the evil den right next to the spirit tree. This is a tunnel-type dungeon with a pedestal at the end where we can deposit the evil body parts to summon the Echo of Varshan. It is necessary to keep in mind that simply having Gurgling Head in Diablo 4 is not enough, since we also need other body parts.

Now that you know how to get the gurgling head in Diablo 4 season 4, you can embark on this search task and continue taking advantage of all the content in the new update of this game.

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