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Find out Where To Find Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 with our detailed guide today, let's see.

Initially introduced in Season 1 and present through Season 4, Evil Hearts have seen significant reuse. They now serve as a critical component to summon a high-powered final boss, making their acquisition a crucial goal for players. This guide aims to provide complete and accurate information on obtaining and utilizing Evil Hearts in the context of Season 4.

Where To Find Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4?

World Levels

  • The viability of obtaining Evil Hearts through World Levels is generally low, with the drop rate ranging from rare to none at World Level 3 and uncommon at World Level 4.


  • This method is considered the most effective for obtaining Evil Hearts.
  • The strategy involves defeating enemies to increase the player's threat level.
  • Once the threat bar at the top right of the screen fills completely, powerful Hellbrone enemies will emerge, which have a higher chance of dropping Evil Hearts when defeated.

Blood Maiden Boss

  • Summonable during Helltide via the Accused Ritual, this boss has a good chance of dropping an Evil Heart while also spawning hordes of additional enemies that can also contribute to the drop of these items.

Local Events

Some local events, when completed, may award Evil Hearts as a reward.

Treasure Goblins

While not a common method, there is a small chance that Treasure Goblins will drop Evil Hearts as a reward.

Tree of Whispers

The Chaos Collection at the Tree of Whispers offers a good chance of obtaining Evil Hearts.

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Using Evil Hearts in Season 4

  • 1. Evil Burrow: Located in the eastern section of the map, adjacent to the Tree of Whispers, the Evil Burrow houses the Evil Altar.
  • 2. Evil Altar: This altar allows players to summon Varshan and Tormented Varshan, two different forms of the same boss, as many times as they wish.
  • 3. Rewards: Encounters with Varshan and Tormented Varshan represent valuable sources of high-end gear, making summoning through the Evil Altar a highly beneficial activity.

Additional Recommendations

  • To maximize efficiency in obtaining Evil Hearts, it is recommended to combine the search for these items with the completion of local events and defeating enemies during Helltide events.
  • Prioritizing participation in Helltide at higher World Tiers increases the chances of obtaining Evil Hearts.
  • Frequently summoning Varshan and Tormented Varshan at the Evil Altar maximizes high-end gear rewards.

Varshan Materials Tormented Varshan Materials

  • 1 Gurgling Head
  • 1 Blackened Femur
  • 1 Shaking Hand
  • 1 Evil Heart
  • 2 Stygian Stones
  • 3 Gurgling Heads
  • 3 Blackened Femurs
  • 3 Shaking Hands
  • 3 Evil Hearts

In conclusion, knowing Where to find evil hearts, embarks you on a search for these resources and thus succeeds in summoning a boss in Diablo 4.

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