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2024-06-11 10:28:00

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We welcome you to our explanatory guide on How to Claim Your Free Dog in Diablo 4 with precise details.

It is always preferable to kill hellspawns accompanied by a friend. Now you can have a furry dog ​​by your side in Diablo 4! Learn how to claim your free dog!

How to Claim Your Free Dog in Diablo 4?

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As part of Diablo 4's anniversary celebration, players will now be able to request a dog at no cost. Make sure to install the latest patch if you want to get your free pet in Diablo 4. After that, go to Kyovashad, where you will find a new quest called "Faithful Companion." This quest is near the northwest door.

You will see a dog labeled "Well-behaved dog" once there. Interact with him to pet him and tell him that he is a good dog. And he will belong to you immediately! If only it were that simple in real life. While you play normally, dogs and other pets automatically collect gold and materials. Cinders is one of them.

Instructions for equipping your dog

You will have to go to your wardrobe in any major city to equip your dog to follow you during the game. "Pets" will be added to the top as a menu for you to navigate. Although it is not the only pet available, the dog you recruited is Asheara. The Vessel of Hatred expansion, launching on October 8, is available for pre-purchase for players who want to own a husky Hratli, a leopard Alkor, or a tigress Natalya. Each expansion edition offers a new pet. The Alkor leopard is available in the standard edition, while the deluxe edition offers Alkor and Hratli, and the ultimate edition offers all three, including the tigress Natalya.

In conclusion, knowing how to claim your free dog is interesting because it allows us to add a pet to reinforce our fun and progress in this incredible game.

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