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In our guide today, we will tell you everything about The best RAM-9 loadout in Warzone season 3.

What is the best RAM-9 loadout in Warzone season 3?

This is nothing more than the accessories, perks and meta equipment for the RAM-9 SMG that will help us master hand-to-hand combat. This is a weapon that took Warzone by storm when it arrived in Season 2, and despite being nerfed in later updates, it's still a top-tier submachine gun with incredible TTK, so here we have the best add-ons, perks, and chargers that may be eligible.

What is the best RAM-9 loadout in Warzone season 3?

  • Pistol tip: ZEHMN35 compensating flash hider: this accessory offers us better mid-range precision.
  • Barrel: Speedway V5 short barrel: with this accessory, we get help to control recoil while increasing acceleration when shooting.
  • Grenade Launcher: DR-6 Manual Limiter: This accessory provides good control and mobility, improving walking aiming speed, downward aiming speed, running and shooting speed, and movement speed.
  • Magazine: 50-Round Magazine – The 50-round magazine is a no-brainer in Battle Royale, providing more than enough ammo to kill multiple enemies.
  • Available: HVS 3.4 Washer: This accessory offers precision.
In this version, RAM-9 is brutal in close combat, destroying enemies in no time thanks to his fast TTK and excellent movement. If we are looking for a companion for our sniper rifle or assault rifle, there are not many better options.

What are the best Warzone RAM-9 perks and loadouts in Warzone Season 3?

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  • Perk 1: Battle Scars
  • Advantage 2: double the time
  • Advantage 3: Strength
  • Benefit 4: High alert level
  • Lethal device: Semtex
  • Tactical equipment: smoke grenades.

As for the benefits of the best RAM-9 loadout in Warzone, the most ideal is Battle Hardened to protect us from the enemy team, Double Time for greater mobility, allowing us to move quickly around the map.

The improvement guarantees that we have full health with fewer disks, and High Alert will notify us if we are detected. As for equipment, we must run Semtex to be able to quickly inflict widespread damage and smoke grenades to be able to rotate freely between covers.

How to unlock RAM-9 in Warzone season 3?

RAM-9 is Amory's unlockable item in Warzone, and we are allowed to obtain it by completing five daily challenges or obtaining five victories if we have no challenges left. It was originally part of the Season 2 Battle Pass, but was moved to the Armory when Season 3 began.

Finish this guide on The best RAM-9 loadout in Warzone season 3, so that you can apply these accessories and thus have a more powerful ara.

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