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We've made a guide to tell you How to Get Paingorger’s Gauntlets in Diablo 4.

If you want to kill enemies easily while dealing incredible damage in Diablo 4, then the Painorger Gauntlets are for you. This guide covers how easy it is to get gloves and what they add to your kit.

How to Get Paingorger’s Gauntlets in Diablo 4?

Defeat the Ice Beast to increase your chances of receiving the Painorger Gauntlet as a reward. All of the game's standard unique items can be equipped based on the objective, meaning that each final boss has a list of unique items that can be obtained as loot.

Killing one of the bosses will always give you at least one item from the list. When you kill the Ice Beast, your possible loot includes the Painorger Gauntlet. Of course, besides bosses, there are many other ways to get unique items.

Killing enemies or opening chests after reaching level 85 has a small chance of dropping a chest. However, the odds are extremely low and there is no specific loot list. So when you open chests or kill Blood Maidens in hopes of getting a unique item, it can be almost anything. Here are all the ways to get the Peinorger Gloves.

  • Kill Ice Monsters. Defeat Level 85 enemies in the Level 4 World.
  • Perform the Wicked Ritual in Hell Tides.
  • Complete challenges to receive guaranteed unique items each week.

Peinorger Gauntlet Stats and Effects

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The Peinorger Gauntlet marks enemies hit by non-basic abilities for three seconds. If you hit a marked enemy with your basic ability, this damage will be repeated on all other marked enemies up to 200%. For this reason, Barbarian Bash is a great build to use these gloves on.

In addition to the insane amount of damage, you can expect an increase to all stats, increased attack speed, increased critical hit chance, and increased base ability damage. Basically, if you want to take out enemies with basic skills in The Pit, then that's your choice.

We conclude this guide about getting the Paingorger Gauntlets in Diablo 4, here you have all the necessary instructions and you can continue progressing.

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