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We have made a guide where we will explain how to complete the wooden wolf quest in Diablo 4.

What to know about the timber wolf mission in Diablo 4?

It should be noted that Loot Reborn is about more than just upgrading items. In fact, here you can see the return of the Iron Wolves and their central place in Diablo 4. These noble mercenaries have a long history protecting the Holy Land from demons and we will learn a lot as we delve into the season's content. One of the first missions we will complete in Loot Reborn is "Wooden Wolf", whose objective is to find the missing iron wolves.

How to complete the timber wolf mission in Diablo 4?

First, we must unlock rank 1 on Wolf's honor board. If we have ever used the hunter leaderboard, it is worth noting that it works the same way here, we complete certain missions, gain reputation and unlock levels. In this case, the best way to earn Wolf Honor is to join the "Hell Wave".

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Thanks to this, we will be able to gain Suda's trust, and we will be able to talk to her at the Iron Wolf Camp, which is located in Kejistan, in the upper right corner of the steep coast. Sudekh Anvil gives us a mission: find the missing caravan with two Iron Wolves, Sean and Isad. Our mission will begin near Ked Bard, so we'll check our map for the marker. We'll have to look around the area a bit, so we'll start from the outside and work our way in, keeping an eye on our minimap; If we approach a caravan, it will mark it on the map.

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It is good to note that there were several religious people around the caravan, we must show them the error of their ways and then seek guidance. We will find several elements with which we can interact:

  • The Deface Pendant
  • The body of the Iron Wolf
  • A hand carved toy
  • An unsent letter.

The cultist's lair will open, located just two steps from the caravan. We enter the shelter and reach the end of the tunnel, here we will face a gruesome scene and the corpse of another missing Iron Wolf. As before, there are elements we can interact with, such as:

  • The Iron Wolf was sacrificed
  • Sketch of a devotee
  • ceremonial sword
  • Caravan route map
  • And a letter home.

We finish this guide on How to complete the wooden wolf quest in Diablo 4, so now you can follow our steps and complete another task.

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