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We have made a guide where we will tell you which is the Best Lockwood 680 loadout in Warzone Season 3.

What to know about the Best Lockwood 680 loadout in Warzone Season 3?

This game comes loaded with new features in the most recent season, it offers us more action and the shotguns are excellent for short distances in Warzone, and the Lockwood 680 becomes the most popular. Below, we will show you the best ways to download Lockwood 680 in Warzone Reloaded Season 3. The update brings many buffs and nerfs, changing the melee meta. While submachine guns remain the preferred choice for close combat, high-powered shotguns are also a great option. The classic Lockwood 680 pump shotgun is one of the best weapons, so this is the best ammo to use in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded.

What is the Best Lockwood 680 loadout in Warzone Season 3?

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  • Scoop: XTEN full of suffocation
  • Barrel: Long forged Bryson barrel.
  • Ammunition: 12 bullets.
  • Equipment: Court mod.
  • Laser: Kimura RYL33 laser

Our pick for the best accessory to equip the Warzone Lockwood 680 is the Bryson Hammerforged Long Barrel, as it increases bullet speed, range, ADS speed, and shotgun movement.

Then, the combination of the choke-filled XTEN barrel and 12-gauge bullet shells typically gives us ammo and improved damage range and bullet speed to take out enemies from further away.

With these accessories we have the combination of the Sawed Off mod and the Kimura RYL33 laser, which considerably improves the movement, sprint and shooting speeds of the Lockwood 680, as well as the Tac Stance extension. These two factors make this gun ideal for close range shooting.

Activision Lockwood 680 is a powerful weapon in Warzone, equipped with the best accessories.

Best rewards and gear for Warzone Lockwood 680:

  • Advantage 1: double the time
  • Advantage 2: manual dexterity
  • Advantage 3: Strength
  • Benefit 4: High alert level
  • Lethal device: Semtex
  • Tactical equipment: smoke grenades.

To make the most of the best Lockwood 680 builds in Warzone, it is ideal to hone our opponent's speed, so doubling time is a key advantage option.

Next, the Sleight of Hand trait will be very useful when reloading our shotgun, since it takes a long time to reload a shot. Hardened and High Alert are two of my favorites, since they increase survivability, allow us to fully regenerate health with two panels instead of three, and we receive notifications if an enemy looks where we are.

Since the Lockwood 680 is designed to be used in tight spaces, the Semtex is perfect for clearing buildings along with smoke grenades, which are excellent for turning around and escaping tight situations.

How to unlock Lockwood 680 in Warzone?

To unlock Lockwood 680 in Warzone, we must take care of reaching level 4. The pistol is one of the first weapons available to us after unlocking special equipment in Warzone. Once we have unlocked our shotgun, we will need to upgrade it as soon as possible to quickly equip it with the best accessories.

Now that you know what the Best Lockwood 680 loadout is in Warzone Season 3, it is time to apply it and thus have a more powerful weapon.

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