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Getting bugs is normal part of a game and Death Stranding has not been spared from it, let's see how to fix error 60001

What is error 60001 in Death Stranding?

The possibility of limiting ourselves to a single player is simply not pleasant and everything seems to point to this failure, because these days most of us are at home and we have decided to choose to play Death Stranding, but we got a problem that does not allow us to fully enjoy this game being a necessary reason the detail of knowing how to repair error 60001, because the idea is to have fun in a big way, because generally this failure points to problems with the connection only that before drawing this type of conclusions it will be necessary to take a look at The official page of the game this only to verify that the servers are working perfectly.
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    How to fix error 60001 in Death Stranding?


     This failure seems to be directly linked to the connection, so it is important to pay attention to these solutions, since normally applying them is not a big deal and they can allow us to enjoy a game where the action does not stop, the first thing we must do is choose take a look at the internet connection, because sometimes playing with Wi-Fi or phone connections can simply cause us problems.


     There is the possibility to change DNS.

     One option to find out how to fix error 60001 is to change the DNS as that even has the ability to speed up the connection, and best of all, we can access Google's public DNS such as and Only it is necessary to be very careful about where we are playing and this is particularly because it is not usually done the same way for PS4 as for PC.


     If we are playing on PS4 it is necessary:

    •  Go to the main menu of the console and from there to Settings.
    • Next we select Network Configuration.
    • Then Internet connection settings.
    • We choose to customize.
    • Then we select LAN for wired connection or, failing that, WiFi if it is a wireless connection.
    • Then we select Custom to proceed to change the Automatic IP address settings.
    • It is not necessary to specify any name, only manual for the adjustments.
    • Then we proceed to enter the primary DNS which in this case is and then the secondary DNS
    • We proceed to Save and restart our console to play again.


     In the case of PC it is necessary:

    •  Press Windows I
    • Proceed to select Network and Internet.
    • Then click the Change adapter options button.
    • Then right-click on a network connection to select Properties.
    • Next we click on Internet Protocol version 4 (Ipv4)
    • We will click Properties.
    • We check Use DNS server addresses.
    • We write the primary DNS and then the secondary Google.
    • Finally we save and go out to play Death Stranding again

    Restart PS4.

    Choosing to restart our PS4 console can be an alternative, because even when it is not possible to clear the cache, we can try to solve this failure by doing it this way:


    •   We completely shut down our PS4.
    • We remove the power cable and wait.
    • Then we reconnect the power cable.
    • Finally we proceed to turn it on once more and launch the game.

      We hope that our answers about how to fix error 60001te are useful, because there is nothing more annoying than bugs and this simply reduces the possibility of having fun with Death Stranding.

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